Historically, hemodialysis delivery systems played an important role in the management of
the ESRD patient by providing treatment data for clinician and MD review. With Clinical
Data eXchange (CDX), the 2008T machine becomes an integrated component of the Medical Information System (MIS) utilized in the dialysis clinic.

The dialysis treatment floor is often a hectic place, where direct patient care and
intervention are the highest priority for the clinical care team. Even the most mindful
clinician may be delayed or distracted from immediate documentation of chair side
intervention. Medication administration, abnormal findings during patient assessment,
patient reactions and even changes in dialysis treatment not accurately recorded can have significant medical, operational and economic impact.

Through the CDX technology breakthrough, MIS data is accessible from each and every
dialysis station. This is accomplished through the integration of an industrial grade
computer processor within the 2008T machine. Clinicians no longer need to leave the
patient station to gain access via freestanding computers on the treatment floor or at
nursing stations. Clinicians merely use the CDX toggle key to navigate between dialysis
screens and the MIS system.

All information entered is immediately recorded and uploaded to the Medical Information
System providing the information necessary for all disciplines to make informed clinical
decisions, support medical justification for intervention and accurate claim generation.

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