On-line preparation of bicarbonate concentrate eliminates the need for heavy
liquid jugs, mixing or a central loop system.
Hygienic delivery of bicarbonate may reduce the level of contamination
and bacterial growth.*
Convenient handling with lightweight packaging—90% lighter than liquid
bicarbonate jugs.**
Easy top connectology eliminates spills.
Up to 5 times less storage and preparation
space than liquid bicarbonate.
Available in 650g and 900g bag sizes.
Flexible and environmentally-friendly bag is
recyclable and may reduce waste costs.
Optional module
*  When mixed with water that meets current ANSI/AAMI RD62,
    Ph Eur or ISO 13959
** 650g bibag weighs 1.59 lbs. vs. FMCNA Liquid Bicarbonate jug
    which weighs 15.9 lbs.


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